The files on this page are MPEG 1 format. They can be played in either Windows Media Player, or Quicktime (on the Mac). For best results, right-click on the picture and select "save target as..." save to your local hard drive, then play from there.
1 of a series of award winning spots for the Seattle Super Sonics. The real people in the spots were surprised by a Sonics player showing up. Captured unrehearsed by 2 cameras. They thought the cameras were there to show them watching a game.
9.3 megs
1 of 3 :30 spots for Mexican Food Restaurant. Take off of Spanish Soap Opera.
4.7 megs
:30 spot for Alaska Airlines. Like being asleep with your hand in a glass of water!
4.7 megs
This is a :30 spec spot for adidas apparel.
5.1 megs
1 of a series of college basketball spots for Fox Sports using the college mascots.
3.6 megs
Meet Festus, the Notre Dame leprecan, explaining how he changed history but didn't get any credit. He's a little PO'd!
4.7 megs
:30 spot for video game. The intro for the movie "Seven" was the motivation.
4.7 megs
Another of the Alaska Airlines spots showing how a "gadget lover" will love the new quick check in at the airport.
4.7 megs
This :30 spot shows what happens if you don't want to play golf outside in the rain. Hope you don't like fish!
4.7 megs
PSA for Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
Features 2 Mariners players.
4.6 megs
Another example of why you shouldn't play with balls in the house!
4.7 megs
:30 spot explaining how a hospital saved 2 lives using the "team medicine" approach.
4.6 megs
Here are a few examples of long-form work. I usually forget to grab a copy of these, but I have done just about everything you can think of.
Excerpt from a yearly video for a winery. Used to show the sales force each years new offerings.
7.3 megs
This is a 2 minute video about the type of caring that you can get from a group of regional hospitals.
25 megs